The Falcon Project was formed for the purpose of acquiring motion picture evidence of a Hominoid.  Our competitive advantage, relative to other Hominoid research organizations, is that we are employing technology that no one else possesses (which we also have the exclusive rights to).

The objective of the company is to capture clear, steady film evidence of a Hominoid in its natural habitat.

Management Team

William Barnes

 Jason Valenti

William Barnes is the Owner and Founder.  He is the manager and oversees the entire project, as he has over 25 years experience in operating his own businesses.  He has been a gold dredger for the last 15 years, and had his Hominoid sighting in 1997.  Managing businesses with attention to detail, and getting the job done with the necessary resources, has given him the ability to create success without going over-budget.  His focus is more on creative problem solving;  thus, he solicits ideas from all involved in whatever business he’s involved with.  Team effort is a huge focal point in working with any group of people that he manages.  He appreciates having input from his colleagues, as this helps him to make firm decisions which move the organization in a direction that works well for all involved.  He believes that good input from colleagues creates good output, and thus, well-spent, economically used investment dollars.  He has found this approach to be a tried and true business practice.

Jason Valenti was inspired to get involved in Hominoid research after his own personal sighting in Apalachicola National Forest in 1996.  He has been out in the field on many occasions to search for Hominoid evidence.  He hosted the 2005 Sasquatch Research Conference in Bellingham, WA, and has been a guest on numerous radio shows over the last decade, as well as a documentary.  He had his own business, Infinite Web Solutions, which provided multi-media solutions to customers for over 8 years.  With his knowledge in digital and electronic media, he is able to provide technical support along with innovative ideas for solutions.  He also has a background in electronics, electrical and mechanical repair, as he grew up in a family business that serviced bio-medical equipment.

In addition to our management team, we will have the assistance of Michael Birkinshaw, who is a digital media creation professional, and he will assist Jason Valenti with all forms of graphic art, video and audio needs, especially when it is time to strategically create the segments of video evidence to release through various forms of broadcast media.The managerial team operates under the title of Interns.  Said interns and selected colleagues have private contracts with Mr. Barnes, and he will pay them directly from his own funds.