The Falcon Project is a completely new and innovative approach to Hominoid research. No other organizations have attempted this type of airborne strategy.

The Patterson film, which is the most famous and clear footage ever obtained of a Hominoid, is still highly sought, and the use of it in projects (ie., reprinting for publications, documentaries, etc.) still fetches a fair price.  It has been speculated that iff

another film as good as or better than the Patterson film ever came into existence (and we feel certain that The Falcon Project can obtain such a film) it would mean an almost instantaneous windfall in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Since there have been over 40 years of active field research by many different organizations, the knowledge and information gained by them has led us to conclude that approaching the search from the air will give us advantages that we’ve never had before.   Here are some reasons why we believe that we have an advantage greater than any available to researchers in the past;

*     A new, nearly silent, never-before-used technology that eliminates the type of ground noise that humans create (which we expect the Hominoids are used to and avoid).  The dual airship is equipped with a proprietary propulsion system that can carry the airship at speeds of 35-45 mph and maneuver with the kind of precision necessary to track a fast-moving animal.  From what research suggests, everything that we have done on the ground has been ineffective in getting close to them;  therefore a perspective from the sky, with an imaging platform to zoom in on them quickly and track their position, seems to be the most logical way for us to pursue motion picture evidence.  We believe that this ground-breaking technology will give us the element of surprise in catching Hominoids on film.  A dual airship can track a Hominoid even if it is running at top speed or climbing a mountain.  A human on foot cannot.

*     Further, the dual airship will provide the best chance at obtaining the long-awaited steady camera that has, as yet, been missing from ALL films of Hominoids in existence, because our dual airship will be fitted with a gyro to provide image stabilization.

*     The gyro will house state of the art equipment that can view and film in infrared, thermal imaging and High Definition.  We will also be employing new technologies that utilize CO2 identification and unnatural pattern recognition. Our advanced video and audio equipment will allow us to track Hominoids 24 hours a day.

Airship Gyro


*     We will also employ the use of an Infra-sound Recorder.   This is a very exciting new technology in and of itself, as there is no conclusive evidence that Hominoids use infra-sound, but may help identify if they are equipped with such means.

*     With a combined 50+ years of experience, we are a science-oriented team that is much more interested in securing evidence of hominoids than in making money off  “just another film”.  All the members of the management team have had 1st-hand, up-close sightings of Hominoids and are driven by scientific revelation, so you may rest assured that they are motivated to use the funding wisely.  While we are aware that this project has the potential to produce a significant amount of money when it comes time to air the footage we obtain, what drives the researchers, management team and interns is the discovery and proving of the Hominoids’ existence. We believe that our scientific understanding of what Hominoids are and how we are related to them will be so far-reaching, that we can only speculate about the full ramifications of such a discovery.