For a restaurant, regular hood cleaning and maintenance is not only important for your food quality but also to stay up-to code. When kitchen exhaust systems are not cleaned properly the buildup of grease can pose danger in case there was ever an emergency situation where you needed it done right away or else risk facing fines from local authorities due fire hazard! The frequency at which this needs doing will depend on how often they see use; if preparing ahead does help though here’s some more info about what happens during these services so that everyone has something prepared beforehand

4 Steps a Professional Will Take to Clean Your Kitchen Hood

1.Using Chemical Cleaners

Professional cleaners will clean your kitchen exhaust system to remove food debris. Next, they’ll apply caustic chemicals that are safe for cooking but still have the potential break down grease with their sprayer guns equipped only in protective gear to avoid injury from contact burns or dermal exposure when using these hazardous materials so it’s important not just anyone does this work without proper training and precautions taken

The professional cleaning service provider has been known as one of most reliable companies because we use harsh products like sodium hypochlorite which can be very dangerous if misused


The hood is cleaned with a special solution that breaks down the grease. The technician needs to scrape it off, apply more cleaners and leave them on for 10 minutes or so before removing any excess liquid from around ventilation slots using an old toothbrush.
Maintaining your car’s exterior has never been easier!

3.Washing With High Pressure

The technician will use a high-pressure hot water spray to clean off the rest of your grime and product residue. Runoff from this procedure should be collected before it reaches any drainage, as it contains grease that could form plumbing clogs! A professional cleaner will usually come equipped with tarps for you if needed so no liquids go down the sink or toilet while we work here


After the hood cleaning is done and water running clear, a professional will polish your car’s exterior to make any imperfections look intact. Not only does this ensure easier future cleaning but also gets rid of that pesky dirt before it has time enough on its own without help from us! Once everything has been made spotless again we place stickers all over for inspectors so they know what condition yours system currently resides in; up-to code status here folks 🙂

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